Visualising the future with Gage Roads

How we used the latest in Virtual Reality technology to provide Gage Roads Brewing with a look into their future expansion.

Visualising the future with Gage Roads

Our good friends at Gage Roads are expanding and growing faster than ever. So, when we were asked to help further their horizons with cutting-edge technology, we couldn't say no.

We worked with Gage Roads to build their latest expansions in Virtual Reality to visualise what is to come and to check for potentially expensive risks and hazards.

The Technology

To visualise Gage Roads expansions in their main facility, and the brand new A-Shed, we used Unreal Engine 4, AutoCAD, Autodesk 3DS Max and to model, scale, and bring their blueprints to life. Along with a Wireless HTC Vive VR Headset and Valve Index Controllers to provide full-on immersion for the user.

The Process

To accurately construct and visualise their expansions, we worked closely with their engineering team. With access to all the CAD files we needed and insight from the team behind the magic, we converted their 2D and 3D CAD files into VR-compatible architecture using AutoCAD and 3DS Max.

Once we built up the layout, we then used Unreal Engine 4 to finish the construction of the architecture, adding doorways, wall segments, balconies and more. Then, with close communication with the engineering team, we added in the machinery and the other amenities critical to the movement flow and usability of the area.  

Next, we wanted to make it magical, we wanted everything to be realistic. This is where Unreal Engine 4's physics and native interactivity came into play. We added hinges to all doors; collision to all staircases; and lights to every room. This allowed users to test the swing distances for doors, check the lighting in each room, and the accessibility of each staircase.

So, did it work?

With our Virtual Reality construction, Gage Roads was able to preliminarily problem solve potential future issues, and even catch some before they became tangible. We were extremely satisfied with our work and we were pleased to have helped a local company who are expanding into new horizons every day!

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