Zelira Therapeutics x Ozone Team

We worked with Zelira Therapeutics to design, develop and maintain a sales database system like no other.

Zelira Therapeutics x Ozone Team

In early 2021 Zelira Therapeutics reached out to us to design and develop a database system to help them track sales and approval records for their business. This system would involve everything from multi-tenanted user accounts, to Optical Character Recognition, Single Sign-On, and more. A powerful system, for a greatly growing company.

Zelira Therapeutics is a leading global cannabinoid-based biopharmaceutical company with access to the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets. The Company is focused on developing branded cannabinoid-based medicines for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions in its Rx business, including insomnia, autism, and chronic non-cancer pain.

The System

We worked closely with Zelira Therapeutics to tailor the design and development of a database system that allows the tracking of their sales and dispenses to patients and their prescribers.

The System leverages Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract key information from scanned-in documents. This allows for the automated upload and processing of core business data, speeding up the core administrative processes, and saving time and money.

We integrated the platform with multi-tenant capabilities, so the platform is not only accessible by Zelira Therapeutics, but by their distributive partners and prescribers. With multiple levels of permission-based access, everything is secured and only visible to those who are permitted. This allows not only Prescribers to view their own dispenses to patients through the Zelira Portal, but it also allows for the other tenants to view their statistics, patient quotas, and other metrics critical to the health of patients - and the success of their businesses.

The Technology

We developed this platform from the ground up, with flexibility and scalability in mind. We wanted this platform to be able to grow with Zelira, every step of the way, so we used a combination of trusted and emerging technologies to provide both reliability and cutting-edge functionality.

Through the use of Docker, NodeJS and Tesseract, we created a series of Microservices to handle repeated or on-demand requests. The microservices include the OCR engine for scanning text and the analytics daemon for monitoring statistics and patient product usage.

The Future

Throughout the course of developing this platform, we pulled back the curtain on the potential of unifying the world of medical technology. If your business wants to take advantage of our cutting edge Therapeutics platform, get in touch today.